Social Media – Going Cold Turkey

I’ve spent the last few weeks off Facebook. WHAT? Yeah. I have. It has been I haven’t been regularly kept up to date of the comings and goings of my favourite beauty brands, in real time. I know stuff is happening through Youtube but even my use of that has come down a bit. My budget priorities have shifted for the last week from pretty makeup stuff to real life medical bill and general living type of stuff. It’s only a temporary shift, I know you’ve heard that a million times before (2 cliches in one sentence, yes!) but I am going to work on expanding this blog in 2015, as I will also work to expand my health focussed one.

I so wish I had a Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette to cuddle and fall asleep with tonight…. ūüėČ


I’m not off the makeup track just yet

I’ve been playing around with natural dewy skin and bronze eyes on the left, and on the right I decided to go with a pink pigment mixed with a bit of purple. Nothing too dramatic for now but as I keep practising by shopping my stash, I get better and better at it I think.

IMG_20141202_115059 IMG_20141203_131821

Youtubers (especially beauty ones) writing books – good or bad? or neither?

I have been missing from the ¬†beauty-blogging scene for some time and in my absence it seems there has been a new trend floating around – no, it’s not a new must-have Urban Decay palette or a coveted ‘my lips but better’ lip range… it’s writing a book. If you’re a beauty blogger/youtuber, and you haven’t been living under a rock, and you want a bandwagon on which to jump, apparently writing books is one of those. This is something that makes me feel confused, skeptical but also a little bit happy to see what what we’re all lusting over really isn’t anything to do with product, but rather, knowledge and and social connection BEYOND social media. Well, perhaps not beyond, but, *back* towards traditional media (paper/books). It’s irrelevant how information is delivered to us, essentially, because it’s more important that we want it to begin with and want to learn and share and grow as we find out the personal stories of our favourite youtubers/bloggers/psuedo-celebrities.

In the so-called beauty community I think there is a burning desire within each member to be part of something greater than themselves. To be able to share ideas about and discuss all the things that are going on in the beauty world with people who share the same interests as them, not those who are only¬†¬†trying to sell them the items or fads which they’re discussing. A safe place in which being girly is celebrated and encouraged and where silly cattiness also exists as a weird, crappy counter balance.

It would be easy to say that youtubers writing books is simply a way of them selling out, but I think you could say that selling out could be done much easier than getting a whole book written simply to generate sales of a product. They could have done a collaboration with makeup lines or released their own products much easier than having to have written their own book which ultimately could build or destroy their entire brand (as could a dodgey product of course). I think the youtubers that have written books, do so to leave more of a legacy than just a perfume or a lipstick. I think a few of them probably see it mainly as a vanity project, but I do genuinely believe that a lot of them want to do it to not only please fans but to also give back to the community in some other,  more meaningful way. You get to know these people in a very superficial sense through highly edited and brief clips of their lives but a book will reveal a lot more than that.

I, for example, would LOVE to see a book written by Marlena from Makeup Geek. Even if it wasn’t an autobiographical story, her humble beginnings to beauty entrepreneur story intrigues and inspires me to follow my own dreams, even if they aren’t in the world of makeup. Social media is so powerful because of the words that are written and the people behind them. I’m not saying the achievements of Michelle Phan or Zoella are anything to be shurgged off, but I would love to see someone who has gone through real, gritty life experience and gone through the pain of divorce and life and really changed her life around. The books written by the younger girls have a different audience and I think the older youtubers have a real opportunity to share their wisdom to women who are both in the younger demographic, but also to women who are their peers. ¬†A lot of my role models (hello jenna marbles) are a little bit younger than me and I don’t think that says anything bad about me, I think that says volumes about how influential she has been in such a short amount of time. People think that books are being written *down* to them but they forget that adults continually grow and that, in a commercial sense, adults aren’t the end of the product line… we are our own demographic and forgetting us would be a huge business mistake, if it all came down to dollars alone.

I’m not sure if this post articulately described what I intended to, but I think youtubers writing books is a good thing especially for the younger viewers because it actually encourages them to read again. To discover the wonder of writing and to appreciate the journey – that the communication continues off screen and everyone just wants to connect and be part of something special (the human race in my opinion!). If Makeup Geek ever writes a book I will definitely buy hers!


My personal blog about my experiences with endometriosis

As i know the majority of my blog are female and I also know that endometriosis is incredibly common but rarely spoken about, I thought I’d document my experiences about it, to try to open up a dialogue between women and men about what it really means to have endo and what the consequences are. It’s just a diary account from my end but I ¬†am always interested in reading about what other people go through also.

I will keep these two blogs separate, so don’t despair, all the beauty and lifestyle stuff will remain here and I’ll make references to the other blog from time to time when it is relevant.

Hope you’re all staying gorgeous as always. x

I’m back… kinda?

A very brief note to say hello and reassure anyone who’s still stuck with me, that I’m not dead, that I’m still playing with makeup and beauty and that Millie is still playing and running around making our lives all the more joyful. Since I last blogged, we added a gorgeous rescue cat named Hunter to our little pack, so I’ve been living with my fiance, my dog Millie and our beautiful kitty Hunter, for a little while now. I can’t remember if I mentioned him previously or if I had stopped blogging before that. Anyway, life has been very tumultuous this year and I needed to take a bit of a break and assess what I was doing with my time. That meant time away from the blog and a bit of a break from being so absorbed in all things beauty. I have been spending time trying to get in shape which has both succeeded and failed (to be discussed in a future post) and there have been medical issues standing stubbornly in my way of progressing forward in life. My fiance and I have discovered a love of ice skating (well, I kinda had to push him into it) and have been spending a lot of time doing that too. One day we’d like to play amateur hockey, but we’re not quite there yet, so we’ll chip away at the curriculum every time we get a chance to get to a rink.

I recently celebrated a birthday without much of a bang because I was too busy worrying about other things, but I did get some cake (yay) and a bunch of beautiful flowers which Hunter then proceeded to try to eat (they are not lillies, I know lillies are toxic to cats). Hunter has a thing for flowers, even though I give him grass to help with his digestion, it’s not enough. He reminds me of Homer in a Simpsons episode where Bart is musing about Homer’s mysterious trips to Holland (Homer had a flower eating addiction) and I am reminded to watch some episodes again.

I’ll probably be more active on my blog for a short period of time from now and through the rest of the year because I’ll be bedridden for a bit, so I’ll have time to talk about beauty and makeup again. I’ll elaborate in an upcoming post, introducing a new blog that will be an extension to this one (not a replacement). So, I hope you’ve all been well and travelling through the year as smoothly as possible. Til next post!