Products I’m Using – Health Supplements

Products I'm Using - Health Supplements

L to R: Swisse Odourless Wild Fish Oil, Swisse Organic Spirulina, Elevit with Iodine, Ostelin Vitamin D, Systane Ultra Eye Drops

Most of these health products have been prescribed to me by medical doctors, actually, all but one. The fish oil and Systane drops were prescribed by my Optometrist, The Elevit and Vitamin D prescribed by my OB/GYN and only the spirulina is voluntary based on my own research. I think ‘prescribed’ is the wrong word: recommended to take is more accurate… but stronger than recommended.

My Optometrist says I have dry eye and an infection on my cornea so I have to take eye drops quite regularly (every 2 hours for 1 week) and that the fish oil tablets will help my overall eye health (and probably will help other things too anyway). The eye drops are the most annoying part because I really hate things going close to my eyes (I would never wear contacts as a result).

The OB/GYN recommended pre natal vitamins (elevit) in preparation for IVF and the Ostelin Vitamin D to boost my Vitamin D levels as test results indicated my levels are very low. The Vitamin D supplements seem to be helping my mood too, which is a nice bonus.

I have nothing against supplements or health food so long as they don’t interfere with prescribed medication, harm you, or make exorbitant claims that can’t possibly be true. When such claims are made, the only guaranteed outcome is that you’re parting with your hard earned cash. I suppose you can apply the same argument to beauty products and makeup, but there are so many reviews online that you can make an informed decision about a product before making a purchase.


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