Lifeline Bookfest

The Lifeline Bookfest is on again this long weekend in Brisbane!

This event is a charity run second hand book sale that runs for 3 days
in the Brisbane Convention Centre at Southbank. There are many
different types of books available at bargain prices (from $1) as well
as an array of rare and collectable books at a higher price (but
possibly still lower than buying from an antique bookstore).

I have not ever been to this event, it has run for several years with
great success and all proceeds go to Lifeline, a wonderful
not-for-profit organisation that helps the community in need across
all ages and backgrounds. I really like Lifeline because they are not
only youth or elderly focused, but run many events to benefit all age
groups struggling with everything from  socio economic pressures and
crisis management, to mental health difficulties and suicide

I personally love the tactile nature of books, perhaps it’s the
hoarder in me that loves being able to have something in my hands to
touch and flip worn pages, and being able to amass a collection of
knowledge and stories. I prefer reading physical books over reading
e-books but I do like the convenience of e-books when I want to travel
or need to go into hospital.

I’m hoping there are some second hand beauty books from makeup artists
in the sale, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for any Bobbi Brown, Kevyn
Aucoin or Rae Morris books, just for starters. I already have one Rae
Morris book but would like to build my collection to include a few
other authors / makeup artists. I really wish Lisa Eldridge would
publish a book to supplement her amazing youtube videos, but as with
any successful working makeup artist, I bet she’s too busy! If Lisa
released a range of makeup brushes I’d be throwing my money at them.
She’s so amazingly talented, knowledgeable and articulate and seems to
be a very nice and grounded lady to boot.

Can’t wait to get my mitts on some new knowledge (hopefully makeup and
beauty knowledge, but other things too!).


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