Makeup Brush Storage


This is currently how I store my makeup brushes – in cute little mugs! I fill the mugs with vase gravel from the discount store and then buy mugs that I like when I go shopping at affordable department stores like Big W, K-Mart and Target. The left and the right mug are from Big W but the middle one is a more expensive mug from a design store, one of those pantone coloured mugs. The pantone colour number isn’t facing the camera though, sorry! I was disappointed in the quality of the pantone colour mug because it’s not dishwasher safe, so I decided to use it to store my brushes instead of using it for drinking. The other two were cute and inexpensive and I liked the idea of storing my brushes in something decorative. The downside to using mugs is that the handles use up a lot of space compared to a more streamlined, square or rectangular shaped brush holder. Since I don’t have many brushes though (in comparison to some other makeup junkies anyway), the space inefficiency doesn’t matter so much. I think I need to get another mug though just to separate my dirty brushes from the clean ones (and also I just like mugs hehe).



  1. Yeah, I was going to say the handles could be a pain, but otherwise it’s a neat way to store your brushes! I’ve been storing my brushes upright for a while now, and I love being able to just have them all in one place instead of rolling around in my drawers. It especially helps that I’ve separated my face brushes from my eye brushes.

  2. This is a nice idea, I was going to do this too but the handles do take up alot of room, I think the mugs really help brighten up the dressing table though, lovely idea 🙂

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