Month: July 2013

Millie pic!


I was able to get this pic of Millie while I was photographing beauty products for this blog, she’s usually camera shy so a lot of the pictures I get of her are very blurry, I was pretty happy with this one despite the messy background 🙂


Pesky accessory thieves!

Is it just me, or does anyone else end up having to buy hair ties and bobby pins seasonally because they get stolen by pesky accessory thieves/fairies/goblins? I have a little box that I store all my hairties and bobby pins in and yet every day my stash seems depleted somehow. This thievery seems exclusive to only these items – everything else seems to stay in their dedicated place. Anyone else have this problem?

Reorganising my collection

Reorganising my collection

Sorry about the low quality , the photo was taken on my ipad and I’m also writing this on my ipad. I reorganised my modest collection into these containers and I want to keep my collection this size, as I don’t want to become too much of a makeup hoarder. The top containers are from Bunnings, a hardware store here in australia, and the bottom 2 containers are from officeworks, a stationery store here. I am a container addict as well as a makeup addict. How do you store your makeup?

What is the void that makeup fills for each of us?

Just in points, as it will be easier to digest, makeup makes me:

  • Feel like I’m part of a community of likeminded individuals who all celebrate and play with these amazing girly toys 🙂
  • Feel like a chameleon – I can use makeup to enhance my  natural beauty one day, then completely strip myself of any sort of beauty or make myself look completely like someone else
  • Feel like I have a companion. No matter how alone I am in the world, with a slick of red lip or a curl of the lash I can have someone by my side in seconds, all by the power of makeup
  • Feel understood
  • Have fun and dream of endless possibilities\

Anything else you’d add to this list?

There’s definitely such a thing as too much makeup, but at what point?

I feel that I have a pretty modest collection of makeup, probably slightly greater than average but certainly not as much as a lot of people online have. I have a couple of drawers full of a mix of foundations after many years of trying to find the right shade and formula, and then an assortment of blush, palettes, eye and lip makeup. I can easily rotate through my entire collection and use everything up, which makes me feel pretty good that I’m not too much of a makeup whore! So at what point do you have enough, not enough or too much makeup?