Quick Update

I have been so slack with this blog… argh! So bad! Sorry guys. On the plus side, here’s what I have coming up:

  • Collective Haul featuring new products (in Australia) such as Rimmel Apocalips, Maybelline Metalic Color Tattoos and more
  • Collective Empties including haircare, skincare and some makeup
  • Cute new pics of Millie 😛

My life has been filled with Doctors Appointments, work and house stuff. I’m trying to make going out with friends and catching up with people more of a priority because it seems like I’ve really hermited myself away over the last few years and need a bit more facetime with, it seems, EVERYONE! I had a lovely day out with one of my close friends last weekend and her adorable 2 children (1 baby and 1 toddler) and want to fill my life up socially again. I’m trying to find more sociable hobbies, as much as makeup/beauty addiction is sociable online, I need an offline outlet too 🙂 Any suggestions?


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