My eyebrows are in a rut…

My eyebrows are in a rut...

How you treat your brows makes an enormous difference to how put together your face ends up looking. The difference between brows on the left in the image above (freshly shaped, filled in and brushed through with a spoolie) to the brows on the right (overgrown, not filled or brushed) should illustrate the point!

I’ve been very lazy with my brows lately. The above image shows how my brows can overgrow and look horrendous if not well manicured and cared for. In the left image I am wearing very little makeup and have groomed my brows to look natural but well kept. In the right, I actually have a full face of makeup on (not seen) but my brows have not had a fresh shape in several months and have only been given minor grooming with tweezers. I haven’t filled them in because they’re so overgrown and misshaped (is that a word?) and filling them in makes me look like Groucho Marx (sans moustache).

The longer I leave my brows unkempt, the harder it is for me to objectively judge how they’re supposed to be shaped and therefore, how they’re supposed to actually look. I know it sounds weird, but looking at your face everyday kind of makes it hard to tell the difference between day 1 of groomed brows and day 45 of natural grown out brows. Because changes on the face may be so subtle over time (like hairs growing out of place), it’s hard to tell the difference, especially when you are looking at the changes every single day without really noticing.

I never used to trust beauty salons with my brows. I would always be the one in control of how they looked and took my time to pluck and preen. Of course, there were a few years there that I made huge mistakes and overplucked, but thankfully my brows always grew back. The older I get, however, the lazier I become and I’ve started to put my brows in the hands of strangers at salons… which have had mixed results.

Despite having years of experience with my own brows, I feel like I’ve lost my brow mojo lately and have been very clumsy in trying to make them look good again. So, I’m asking you guys, what are your tips to grooming your brows at home? How do you stay motivated to keep them in shape if you do DIY? Please help me get out of my brow funk!


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