Estee Lauder foundation and concealer

I wandered up to my local Estee Lauder counter and got colour matched for the infamous Double Wear foundation that many people love to love (or hate). I was very impressed by the colour match and the shade range and I was confident that the Sales Assistant matched my to my correct shade, so I asked for the matching concealer, but I think she didn’t give me the actual double wear concealer, but rather the Disappear Smoothing Creme concealer. Here are some pics of the product:

Exterior packaging is sleek and simple, cleanly representing the classic brand:Image
The product was smaller than I thought, but I’m sure it will still take me ages to get through. I was matched to the concealer in 04 deep, and to 4N1 Shell Beige 05 in the foundation:


I used both my fingers and a small Kabuki brush from Nude by nature (Australian brand) to apply the foundation to see which was easiest. I found the brush to be the easiest and most effective way to apply both the foundation and concealer, but you could also use a sponge and fingers as a last resort. The consistency of the foundation is thick but not gloopy, and does run but isn’t super watery. The concealer is surprisingly opaque, smooth and creamy and a little goes a long way for both products.

I did my eye makeup using my naked palette (version 1) and the shadows I used were Sin, Toasted and Hustle, over Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Metallic in Inked in Pink.

I used Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara in waterproof after curling my eyelashes with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. For anyone with short, poker straight lashes like mine, I HIGHLY recommend this eyelash curler! Once I got used to the idea of using an eyelash curler (and practising a lot), I finally got my eyelash-curling mojo and can achieve a nice curled long lash with this curler and The Falsies Mascara. I like slightly clumpy lashes because I don’t have much going on with my natural lashes to begin with, so I go for as much va-va-voom as possible (even if it looks uber fake, I don’t care!).

I used the blush and highlighter from my well-loved Rockstar palette by The Balm:

I went back and filled in the outer V of my eyes with Gunmetal from the Naked Palette to try to accentuate the eyes a bit more. I’m not sure if I like the end result, I could have left it more natural, but c’est la vie.

At this point I have nothing on my lips and forgot to take a ‘final’ picture (way to go organised blogger!) but you get the picture. I only put one layer of the Estee Lauder foundation and a little bit of the concealer and despite the dryness on my chin due to current blemishes and sores (ew sorry), I’m really happy with the mainly matte finish and coverage. Trust me, I have way more pigmentation, blemishes and scars normally, and this super close up (hello pores!) looks much better with the foundation on than without it. If I had gone in with another thin layer of foundation and a teensy bit more concealer, I think I could have achieved a more polished look. But since I was only running basic errands and wanted just to give a try out to this product, I was happy leaving it slightly incomplete.

Overall I’m understanding the hype surrounding this foundation. I haven’t heard much about this particular concealer but I’m liking it so far and will play around more with both. The foundation provides an instant opaque smooth coverage without appearing cakey and feels pretty nice, although wearing it longer you can feel it on the skin more (but not necessarily see it in the mirror). I feel like I’m wearing makeup, but I don’t look like I’m wearing makeup,and that works for me. I am going to take a massive leap and faith and even say this could replace Illamasqua’s skin base foundation as my holy grail, as this covers more and doesn’t leave me shiny. Time will tell!

Have you tried the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation and if so, what are your thoughts? What’s your holy grail foundation / concealer?


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