Month: August 2013

Planning my health kick

I signed up for an online 30 day health plan today and I’m feeling motivated. I also went to the gym for the first time in many, many months, so I’m feeling accomplished. It’s hard, starting this all over again, when I used to be quite fit for a while, but it’s worth it, especially if we’re trying to get fertility things sorted.

I really want to make sure I feel great in the last few months of being 29, so I can’t look back and say, “I wish I did that before 30” (I’m silly like that). My partner and I went grocery shopping tonight and bought some healthy things which I’ll start eating tomorrow and it is not as daunting as some of the other plans I’ve tried. No crappy shakes, regular food that I actually like and not too processed and a sensible eating plan. I’m looking forward to starting!

Planning my health kick



Lady Gaga in Applause – Barefaced and Glossy Eyes


So I was recently watching Lady Gaga’s film clip to her new single ‘Applause’, and I naturally noticed her  many makeup looks, most of them bright and unwearable day to day (except for Gaga of course) but the one that stood out to me the most was her beautiful barefaced glossy eyelid look as depicted by the screenshot above.

I was thinking, “Man, I’ve seen that look before, but where?”, and then it dawned on me that it is a stripped down version of Charlotte Tilbury’s A/W13 Makeup for Tom Ford, where the models wore beautiful chocolate and neutral glossy eye looks on the runway. She shows us how to achieve this look here:

Lady Gaga’s skin is more dewy and the eyes are stripped down more than Charlotte’s look, but it uses essentially the same elements that make this look memorable.

The glossy eyes are achieved using Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, a combination of lip lacquers or simple vaseline, depending on what you want to use (says Charlotte). She warns that this look isn’t really achievable as an every day look due to the risk of the product bleeding, but I think if you wanted to do some nice photography with a stand out eye, this would be a look to try.

I think it’s funny that after all of Lady Gaga’s theatrics and bold makeup and fashion looks, that this is the one that’s most memorable for me! What celebrity makeup looks have you found most memorable or left the biggest impression on you?

Wedding Guest Makeup

This is the makeup I plan to wear on the day of my brother’s wedding which is coming up at the end of September. I own all of these but I have to buy a replacement for my Kevyn Aucoin mascara as it has now completely dried up. This is mainly a drugstore look with a few luxury items, but you can achieve a neutral look with any quality product, high or low end. I actually like the fact that most of these are budget buys, because it means drugstore makeup has really stepped up and has become comparable with high end makeup for a lot of products. I couldn’t live without my maybelline color tattoos for example, they are flawless!

Wedding Guest Makeup

Chanel translucent face powder
$52 –

Coral blush
$7.29 –

Michel Mercier Brush Review


Firstly, apologies for the poor photo quality… my camera is still MIA. Today I’m posting a review of the Michel Mercier Untangle your day brush, I purchased mine at Priceline here in Australia for $19.99.

I first heard of these brushes in a number of youtube reviews as well as noting the resemblance of the brush to the ever famous tangle teezer. I’ve never tried a brush that was designed specifically for detangling and the only hair device I’ve used to minimise tangling is a wide toothed comb after conditioning my hair in the shower.

These brushes come colour-coded for each hair type they’re designed for. The blue brush shown above, is designed for thick hair, which is my hair type. There is a green brush for normal hair and a pink brush for fine hair. I would have preferred a pink brush colour wise, but I went with the blue as it matched my hair type.

The bristles are made of hard plastic and are all of differing lengths, which is what is claimed to be behind the detangling magic of this brush. You can use it while your hair is wet or dry without the bristles snagging hair while attempting to detangle.

The claims are warranted, in my opinion, they don’t snag on any knots but gently comb them out instead with repeated brushing. I don’t find I shed any more or any less hair using this brush compared to my old traditional bristled brushes and the advantage of this brush is that it doesn’t hurt. 

I’m really not sure how this will clean – there are gaps at the base of each bristle and I’m wondering if I rinse it under water whether water will get trapped within the brush itself which is made primarily (or entirely?) of plastic. 

The design is aesthetically funky and appealing and ergonomically it fits my hand quite well and is easy to brush with. I find that I can’t get deeper knots unfurled without repeated strokes, where normally with a brush with longer bristles I could get to those knots a bit quicker and easier (but with more pain).

Overall I think this is a nice brush, it does what it says but I think it’s overpriced in Australia. I think my method of detangling with a wide toothed comb is better, but I like the versatility of wet or dry using this brush. 

I would recommend you check it out if you are in the market for a new brush, I’m not sure if it will totally wow you but it worked well on my thick and often unruly hair.



Three Months to Thirty

Today is the 19th of August, 2013, 3 months to the day til I turn the big THREE-OH. 

I’m going to introduce a part of my blog that will be tagged #ThreeMonthsToThirty that will focus on my health and lifestyle and changes I want to make (very last minute) to how I eat and live and my journey in the last 3 months of being 29. 

I have to admit, I’ve really let my health slide over the last 5 years. I wasn’t healthy or active growing up, but I was thin until 5th grade, when I discovered that food could numb the pain of bullying and growing up. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I discovered that exercise and treating your body right with the right food could give me the same pleasure without the guilt or weight gain. Then at 25 I started cycling into a deep depression triggered by a number of life changing events in my early twenties, that leads me where I am today: overweight, inactive and unhappy.

I’ve gone through 3 life changing bouts of depression, the first started when I was 15, then again at around 17/18 and then the worst at 28. I’ve finally come to accept that I can’t self medicate or get rid of my depression with temporary lifestyle changes, I can only try to manage my depression through longer commitments and being kind to myself. It’s a hard lesson to learn and I’m still trying everyday, but the familiarity of failure is seductive and easy to fall back into. 

So over the next 3 months I’ll be documenting my attempt at weightloss and an overall lifestyle change that will incorporate more activity, better nutrition and more fun in general. This will still remain primarily a beauty & Millie blog but will have a few of these entries peppered between normal posts.

What are some milestones you’d like to achieve over the next few months or at least before the end of the year?