I <3 Drugstore Makeup Tag

I wanted to do something fun today because I’m feeling quite under the weather, so I decided to look around to find a fun tag I could do on this blog. No photos today, sorry, but just a general tag that’s floating around that I tag EVERYONE to do! 😀

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?

Maybelline has consistently delivered the products I’m buying most of and am most impressed with, including the awesome color tattoos, amazing range of mascaras (falsies anyone?) and the fitme concealer that I feel rivals the NARS radiant creamy concealer (which is also a favourite of mine).

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?

Because I feel these products tend to rotate in terms of favourites for me, I am specifying these favourites as *currently loving* because the products I like and use change all the time.

For face, I’m currently loving Covergirl & Olay’s Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation which combines a moisturising serum and a medium coverage foundation together in a cute pump bottle that shows the products swirling together. I find the foundation has decent medium buildable coverage that lasts all day and creates a good base for other makeup.

For cheeks, I’m currently loving Milani’s Luminoso blush (Milani is drugstore-ish right?) as it gives a very natural sheen and a natural flush on my tanned skin.

And for lips I can’t go past Revlon’s Lip butters. Yes, they’re still going strong for me. My love affair with Pink Truffle is never ending.

3. Least favorite product?

Sorry Rimmel, I really liked your wake me up foundation until I realised the gargantuan amount of sparkles in the formula, making me look very twilight-vampirey when I went out into the sunlight. *Hiss*

4. What is the best makeup bargain?

There aren’t many drugstore makeup bargains in Australia since the prices we pay are often double or triple the U.S. prices, so this is a difficult one to answer. I would have to say the BYS blush (Australian brand) trios are probably the best value as they rival the sleek blush trios in terms of price and quality. They really are very good, very pigmented and quite long lasting and not powdery.

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)

L’Oreal Infallible pressed eyeshadows – everyone knows what they are, how good they are but they just don’t get as much repeat love as I think they deserve. I often will reach for them when I want bold makeup that will last the day. I can use them as a base for something else or over the top of my beloved Maybelline Color Tattoos for a colour punch.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?

All Revlon items in Australia are about double to triple the U.S. Recommended retail prices! That means some foundations are $20-$30, which is absolute daylight robbery.

7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!

Argh, this question is too hard! I’m not really an avid collector of very many high end products so I don’t really have any to dupe 😦

8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?

Clump Crusher mascara… it’s ok, but there are better mascaras out there. I have it and I use it in combination with other mascaras just to get any clumping out, really.

So there you have it, a tag that I hope you try out too!