Michel Mercier Brush Review


Firstly, apologies for the poor photo quality… my camera is still MIA. Today I’m posting a review of the Michel Mercier Untangle your day brush, I purchased mine at Priceline here in Australia for $19.99.

I first heard of these brushes in a number of youtube reviews as well as noting the resemblance of the brush to the ever famous tangle teezer. I’ve never tried a brush that was designed specifically for detangling and the only hair device I’ve used to minimise tangling is a wide toothed comb after conditioning my hair in the shower.

These brushes come colour-coded for each hair type they’re designed for. The blue brush shown above, is designed for thick hair, which is my hair type. There is a green brush for normal hair and a pink brush for fine hair. I would have preferred a pink brush colour wise, but I went with the blue as it matched my hair type.

The bristles are made of hard plastic and are all of differing lengths, which is what is claimed to be behind the detangling magic of this brush. You can use it while your hair is wet or dry without the bristles snagging hair while attempting to detangle.

The claims are warranted, in my opinion, they don’t snag on any knots but gently comb them out instead with repeated brushing. I don’t find I shed any more or any less hair using this brush compared to my old traditional bristled brushes and the advantage of this brush is that it doesn’t hurt. 

I’m really not sure how this will clean – there are gaps at the base of each bristle and I’m wondering if I rinse it under water whether water will get trapped within the brush itself which is made primarily (or entirely?) of plastic. 

The design is aesthetically funky and appealing and ergonomically it fits my hand quite well and is easy to brush with. I find that I can’t get deeper knots unfurled without repeated strokes, where normally with a brush with longer bristles I could get to those knots a bit quicker and easier (but with more pain).

Overall I think this is a nice brush, it does what it says but I think it’s overpriced in Australia. I think my method of detangling with a wide toothed comb is better, but I like the versatility of wet or dry using this brush. 

I would recommend you check it out if you are in the market for a new brush, I’m not sure if it will totally wow you but it worked well on my thick and often unruly hair.




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