Quick Life Update

I finally found my camera charger… yay! So no more excuses for slacking with posts 😛 Camera is going on the charger tonight!

In other news, I’ve been on my health kick but lately I’ve been very confused as to which eating path I should take. Today I completed a full day of being on a particular eating plan, which is a huge thing as I’m prone to cheating BIG TIME. The problem with this eating plan is that I’m hungry most of the day so I’m not sure if I should continue or switch to something else. All of last week I was exercising like a fiend but this week I’ve slackened off somewhat and need to get back into the game. Doing these things is always more psychological than physical and once my head is in it, I’m pretty set, but my head has been everywhere lately 😦

There are several motivations for losing weight and getting healthy and the most short term one is to look passable in my brother’s wedding photos. I know that sounds like a shallow reason, but I doubt there has been a girl in the world who hasn’t wanted to look her best for a special occasion. Admittedly, I won’t look my *best* as I’ve left it far too late, but if I look and feel better than I do about myself right now, that’ll be something. I also really need to lose the weight in order to improve fertility. Every effort we’ve been making so far has failed with the IVF and it’s been very frustrating having to play the waiting game and spend money on something so intangible. And finally I am approaching 30 and weight loss and healthy habits are part of my plan of trying to squeeze the best of 29 out as possible, although I’m not really sure if I’ve been doing that very well.

Well, once my camera is charged up I can do my empties post which is well due, now that the bag I have holding my product empties is practically overflowing, yay! 

Til next time!


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