Three Months To Thirty Update: So far FAILING

So, typically, I spent the first few weeks working my butt off at the gym or exercising at home, and then it all came to a grinding halt after a weekend off (went out to the country to visit my partner’s family) where there was copious drinking and eating and all around fun stuff going on. One step forward, ten steps back, story of my life. 

I’ve just lost a lot of motivation… I was hungry and working out (hungry being, I wasn’t stuffing my face every single moment of the day and my body was adjusting with the new healthy food) for ages and I thought that after a couple of weeks of doing it I’d at least stick to it, but no, it’s like my motivation just dropped off a cliff and I’m back to square one, attitude wise. I think I probably did my body good but my knee was so sore for weeks and it’s only just started to get back to normal today (#EXCUSES).

I’m pretty disappointed. I signed up for an online weight loss program when I first started to do my #ThreeMonthsToThirty, a program which, if I had stuck to, I’d nearly be finished by now. Sigh. So frustrating on one hand and on another… I just don’t really care. My brother’s wedding is coming up in 15 days and I’ve already given up, even though I know I could do a lot in those 15 days…. just ‘not enough’, so ‘why bother?’. The hardest part to change on any lifestyle overhaul is really the psychological part, the physical part might be a little painful but the intellectual/emotional/mental part is certainly the hardest to overhaul. I’m trying to break a lot of habits I created over a lifetime, so I can’t expect it to all change in 12 weeks, but I should bloody well try!

Do you have any advice on how to focus and stick to something you really hate doing but KNOW it’s good for you and you NEED to do it?




  1. Once I was thrown off a horse. (I’m the partner from the country.) My brothers told me I had to get straight back on, or the horse would know it had me beat, and I’d never be able to control it. I didn’t want that, but I was in a lot of pain. Still, I got right back on that horse.

    I didn’t realise until much later that most people use that term METAPHORICALLY, instead of LITERALLY.

    My point is, I think that’s what you’ve got to. One weekend away, and then you get back on the horse, and start again.

    My horse story was probably easier, because it was only physical. I was only scared of getting back on the horse because it’d cause me more physical pain. Also, older brothers. They won’t let you live a thing like that down. Back to the gym! Back to the diet! Starting Monday!!

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