… Yesterday I got engaged!


I was coming home from work and came to the front door, noticing a note had been stuck on the door. I thought it was a note from Body Corporate and was curious, but on closer inspection it said the following:


(Note: his nickname for me is ‘chicken’ but he likes to spell it as above).

It hadn’t really occurred to me what was going on despite the obvious note, so I picked up Millie and opened the door to find this:


And in the background, a guitar was humming…

As soon I stepped inside, I saw the source of the music and where the trail of rose petals lead… straight to Mark playing the guitar and singing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz (our favourite song).

He sang the entire song and played guitar (two things that aren’t a hobby or an interest) while I held Millie and danced along, with the biggest smile on my face. He recorded the whole thing by mounting my digital camera (circled) on our couch that was flipped to act like a makeshift tripod (note to self, buy a tripod!).


After he finished the song, he took out a red velvet ring box, hands trembling and face flushed red, and asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes, yes a MILLION times YES!” and gave him the biggest hug and kiss I physically could (at this stage I had put Millie on the floor and she curiously nudged at the rose petals).


He explained that the ring is his mother’s and that it is on loan for the proposal, and that we can go ring shopping for what I want. He knows my taste is very specific which is why he asked to borrow his mum’s and let me decide what I want.

I was completely surprised, ecstatic and overwhelmed and I asked him how on earth he managed all of this (the practising, setting up etc). He said he had been practising over the last few months when I go to bed (I go to bed an hour or so earlier than him) or when I had been out of the house. I had complained that he was playing video games more often than usual in the last few months and he said he was pretending to play games when really he was practising the song on the guitar and learning the lyrics via youtube. (It’s not going to excuse the gaming, but I’ll let it slide this time :P)

There were a few stumbling blocks earlier in the day with him having to set up. Firstly, I didn’t leave for work til late, which threw off his schedule as he needed to set up the house. He left for work at his normal time and hid in his car which was parked across the street (but not super visible from my driveway) to wait for me to leave for work, but I ended up playing a video game he had set up for me on my computer a few days ago (which I’m now addicted to) and didn’t leave until an hour after he left the house. He ended up getting sick of waiting in the car, called my mum (I work for my family business) to make sure I was going to leave for work, and decided to stroll to the local bakery to get a coffee and breakfast while he waited. That was the time I decided to finally leave for work and then he saw my car pull up at the traffic lights on the main road that he happened to be walking on. Thinking I would see him, he sprinted down a side street hoping I didn’t notice him. Thankfully for him, I didn’t. It was close! I finally went to work and then he rushed back home to set up and wait until I did get home. He played games in the meantime and nearly didn’t even hear me come home, he didn’t hear my car pull up but heard me slam the door. I was dressed in the worst and laziest clothes (i.e. the clean clothes) I have and took my sweet time getting Millie out and my belongings out of the car before I walked up to the front door and the whole process started.

So on Thursday we’re going to the jewellers to discuss my engagement ring. I have a very specific design in mind, so when that’s all ready, I’ll tell you about it here! 🙂 I’m so happy and I think Mark is pretty chuffed too 🙂 We went to dinner last night and celebrated with some amazing food and drink and I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey. It sounds very weird to say, “My Fiance” but it’s sounding better and better the more I say it 🙂

Til next time!



  1. CONGRATS! make sure you take time to savour being engaged before you dive head first into the wedding planning – I wish I had given myself more time but I guess I’m just impatient 🙂

    1. Thank you! And the advice is definitely warranted because I tend to get carried away with daydreams…. but I am one of the last of my friends to get married and have seen the stress they go through so I’m going to try to take my time lol!

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