I’m always apologizing for the quiet…

Sorry WordPress, I’ve abandoned you once again…

My brother got married on the weekend and yesterday my fiancé and I finalised the design for my ring. That and a million other tiny things happening got in the way of my blog, yet again. Sigh. I will be consistent one day, maybe.

My #ThreeMonthsToThirty countdown is looming, it’s October already and I have just over a month before I turn the big THREE-OH. I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last year let alone the last few DECADES (argh!) so this birthday is a major milestone, well, for most people I guess. A lot of people dread turning thirty, and I’m not saying I’m an exception, but I think I’m looking forward to it somewhat. It marks a beginning of a new decade and also the closing of an old chapter of my life, symbolically. Theres a lot to move on from and to, which is both exciting and daunting. We haven’t yet set a date for our wedding, but it will most likely be in a year or two, depending on finances mainly. There’s a part of me that is incredibly practical and hates the idea of wasting so much money on one day of our life and another part of me that fantasizes what an indulgent and magical day it could be. It all comes down to money though, as we have other big things to consider too.

In the meantime I’m planning my 30th, I intend to have a party and style it myself, which is a bit of a daunting task since I’m not that much of a party host, but it’s my 30th and I want it to be a bit special, you know? There’s a lot that goes into styling and planning an event apparently (I only learn that now since I don’t know a thing about party-hosting!) and pinterest has been my go-to for inspiration, and google my party supplier.

I’m quite motivated to make October a productive month and I have a few resolutions I’d like to get rolling. What are your resolutions for October?


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