A completely self indulgent post

I have a couple of friends who keep asking what i want for my birthday, and it is such a difficult question to answer because my family have never really been good at giving or receiving gifts or made it a priority to think about them. I am basically going to write out my birthday ‘wishlist’ as a result, but it’s taken me ages to figure out exactly what i want because I feel really bad asking for things that I know I would want personally and should therefore just get for myself. Like I said, not really schooled in gift giving/receiving…

ANYWAY This list is for my friends (who know who they are!) who are asking what I want. I feel like a self indulgent child even writing that because there’s nothing I really need and of course, everyone wants something more and more and more…

Ultimately, the things I really want are beyond mine and everyone’s reach (to give) – that is, better health (specifically 25kg off my current weight), no more surgeries or health problems and a GAZZILLION DOLLAHS! All the products are linked to the sites to get them from:

Black Milk

Mecca Cosmetica


David Jones

On another note, I’ve been absent for a long period, yet again, and a lot of things have happened. Life slows down for no one! I’m taking a break from IVF til next year, it’s been too heartbreaking and difficult and the Dr says I should take a break if my heart and mind isn’t in it, but I can’t take a super long break because the endometriosis will inevitably grow back and be a big pain again. I’m using this break from IVF to try to lose weight and get into a better eating habit and overall lifestyle. It is torturous to not be able to do what I want at this time of the year with many birthdays and social events happening, I’m not going to go crazy but I would like the option to not feel terrible or guilty if I choose to have a blow out once in a while. I’ve been learning a lot of fitness and nutrition things online and I’ll probably try to get into Yoga to get in shape in addition to weight training and cardio. Exercise is not my forte nor is it something I like, but I have to resign to the fact that without it, I will stay sick and get sicker.

Some good news is that we picked up my engagement ring! Yay! I still have my proposal ring and I’m wearing it on my right hand ring finger, but I am still mesmerised by the sparkle that is going to permanently reside on my left hand ring finger. It is a little loose and if I lose weight, I hope it’ll be super loose so I can go get it resized in a few months. We’ll see. The ring is 18ct yellow gold with a white cushion cut diamond in the centre with blush pink heart shaped diamonds on either side. It is everything I wanted. I am definitely a lucky, lucky girl. Despite the rollercoaster ride of our relationship, we’re going in the right direction and we’re settling down with each other and still having a good time, with less turbulence than before. I think that everyone should have the experience of having a relationship in their life that changes them or makes a huge impact, especially in a positive way. I have that with Mark and I love him more than ever. It took us a while to get here, but it’s also just the beginning.

I also now have a new computer, yay! I’ll have more beauty posts to come as I now have better and faster equipment to use and posting won’t be such a pain as a result. I’ve had my purse strings pretty tight lately so I haven’t gotten a huge sum of beauty bits, but I have discovered a few gems I’d like to share in a future post.

Til next time!


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