New year, same makeup (and that’s ok!)

New year, same makeup (and that's ok!)

I haven’t bothered wearing makeup since New Years Eve because it’s been so hot and humid here and applying makeup just feels useless in this weather. In addition, I’ve had breakouts and generally crappy skin, so I’ve been using my trusty Alpha-H Liquid Gold every second night to exfoliate those nasties off my face. I was very skeptical about that product, but I am eating humble pie about it and I’m ok with that.

I’ve been keeping things simple by wearing very little to no makeup, and pictured I’ve got a lovely Revlon polish in Ocean, An incredible Rimmel blush in Coral, Lancome Hypnose Star mascara and an Elizabeth Arden Ceramide lipstick in Melon.

There have been a few social events that could have warranted wearing a full face of makeup, but the weather has just been too prohibitive. It’s summer here in Australia, so while everyone else around the world are freezing their booties off, we’re doing the opposite and very nearly literally melting our butts off.

I have a few ideas as to where i’d like to take this blog this year, I have been so scatterbrained about it over the last few months which is the main reason why I’ve had such a sparse amount of blog posts, and I am sorry about that. I am thinking of splitting this blog into three, having essentially one blog for each of my main interests, but i’m still thinking about how practical that is. I just feel like combining all of my interests into this one blog will alienate and confuse some readers/followers and also dilutes the content of my blog somewhat… I wish i was less scatterbrained, that’s going to be one of my resolutions this year (to get more focussed!). I’ll still have makeup and beauty on this blog but I’ll probably branch off more personal posts onto a different blog, which I will provide a link for once i’ve made up my mind.

So apologies for this scatterbrained post and Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all been able to shape out goals and resolutions or whatever you want to call them, for the year and that it feels like a fresh start for you all. I’m looking forward to discovering new makeup and beauty items this year, even if they’re only new to me at that moment.

Til next time!



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