Beauty Resolution for 2014 – GET BETTER SLEEP

Simple Beauty Sleep Aids
It’s 11.06pm at the time of this writing and I will hopefully fall asleep into the wonderful and exciting land of nod. I think sleep time is the best part of my day because it’s such a difficult process for me to even get into. The heart always loves what is hardest, or something along those lines.

My beauty resolution for 2014 is to get consistent, better sleep that will help me function and contribute to society as a whole, be it doing beauty things or traditional job things or raising a family or navigating through the web that is life…. You need good quality sleep in order to get your day done.

A mask is essential if you are sensitive to light. And lip balm can guard the dry nasties from crumbling the lush lips of yours over night.

You can use a good moisturiser under the eye, while you have your sleep mask on, of course, and this will only serve to help and not hinder, the cause of getting a good nights sleep (at least you will LOOK like you did at some point).

Any other tips you might want to share about getting a good nights sleep?

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