Going Nearly Naked for Valentine’s Day

Going Nearly Naked for Valentine's Day

Well, I’m going Nearly Naked with my beauty and makeup look for Valentine’s Day since my fiancee prefers me when I wear a ‘no makeup makeup look’  versus a full face of makeup, as pretty as pinks and reds are on that particular occasion.

I do want to have a full coverage, flawless skin look, which is why I’m including such heavy hitters as Estee Lauder’s doublewear foundation and Mac’s Prolongwear concealer, but with skillfully light/built-up strokes of the brush, I can make my skin look covered but not cakey with this combo which leaves it looking fresh and nice with a bit of setting powder over the top. Not pictured above is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette that I will set over the top of my foundation and place as a highlight over the bridge of my nose and the high points of my cheekbones. I might double the Radiant Light shade in that palette as a blush, or the Milani Baked blush in Luminoso (not pictured above).

I think that Valentine’s day looks should be about feeling your sexiest but also your most comfortable and I think our partners appreciate when we make an effort to look good for them whether it’s a downplayed more laid back makeup look, or a super vampy one. I like to think that having a Nearly Naked face has the advantage of both making you feel super comfortable for yourself, and really quite sexy for your partner, as that is often the preference I hear from men who prefer more natural makeup from their partners as more attractive. At least I know that’s what my man wants, and it’s Valentine’s Day, so, why not? 🙂



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