Month: July 2014

So where have we been?

Coveting new items (new for Australia) that many of you already have had the luxury of trying out for yourselves; ice skating a lot to lose weight; losing increments of weight that border on the embarrassing; as a couple we’ve been fighting a lot more seriously than usual and I’m immersing myself in learning makeup again to try to soothe the pain a bit. Because makeup can be therapy, can it not? Prettying yourself up can do wonders for one’s self esteem even if it is only to run errands or clean the house, it makes the biggest difference if you feel good then you’ll do better.

My good friend Maggie sent me the Lorac pro palette, nars eye paint, a tarte amazonian clay blush and an hourglass ambient blush so I will do a pic of that mini haul tomorrow. I am very excited to use all these wonderful magical things. Palettes are currently my achilles heel and I have been keeping track via youtube of whats new but not so much wordpress. Sorry bloggingland. Sorry for the constant betrayal, but you know, what can you do?