So where have we been?

Coveting new items (new for Australia) that many of you already have had the luxury of trying out for yourselves; ice skating a lot to lose weight; losing increments of weight that border on the embarrassing; as a couple we’ve been fighting a lot more seriously than usual and I’m immersing myself in learning makeup again to try to soothe the pain a bit. Because makeup can be therapy, can it not? Prettying yourself up can do wonders for one’s self esteem even if it is only to run errands or clean the house, it makes the biggest difference if you feel good then you’ll do better.

My good friend Maggie sent me the Lorac pro palette, nars eye paint, a tarte amazonian clay blush and an hourglass ambient blush so I will do a pic of that mini haul tomorrow. I am very excited to use all these wonderful magical things. Palettes are currently my achilles heel and I have been keeping track via youtube of whats new but not so much wordpress. Sorry bloggingland. Sorry for the constant betrayal, but you know, what can you do?


Don’t worry, I’m still alive, I’m assuming that’s a good thing?

As much as I love beauty products and makeup and sharing, life does get in the way and keep me away from these loves. My fiance and I have started Ice skating which has been really fun and he’s taking up indoor soccer too which is great. We recently got a foster kitten named ‘Hunter’ to accompany my shy little dog of 3 who is really coming out of her shell. I am on an intensive weight loss program which may have just been ruined by my binge eating tonight. My favourite lipsticks just have not been a priority. 

That doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed the new releases (Well the ones Australia has) or coveted this lipstick or that lipstick or that foundation or that setting powder. I want them all. But I can’t afford them all unless I win some sort of lottery and even then I can take care of business and then invest all my time into beauty and my love of dogs, because, if you didn’t know, Lizzie is my name and Millie is my pup’s name. Hunter has to fit in here somewhere, but we’re still thinking about that. Maybe he wouldn’t mind doing my makeup sometime 😉

Anyway I’ve missed you all and your beautiful photos and reviews and wonderfulness. You guys are so amazing.

It’s been a long time…

I’ve had a pretty rough year so far health wise, so I haven’t had much of an interest in anything beauty / makeup related. I’m sorry 😦

To make up for it, my fiance and I did the ‘My Fiance / Boyfriend does my makeup’ tag. First of all, I apologise for the audio – my laugh in real life is constant, loud and incredibly annoying 🙂

Hopefully you’ll find this entertaining, I think Mark did a great job in the end and it was fun to film.

Once I have my life together, we can all continue to share our love of makeup candy together.

Enjoy! (And don’t forget to ‘like’ if you like!).

Favourite Oscars 2014 Makeup Looks

Favourite Oscars 2014 Makeup Looks

I can pick my Oscars 2014 favourite makeup looks when I see them and I think to myself,
“I totally want to recreate this!” These ladies NAILED IT with their amazing faces. Firstly, Cate Blanchett looks ethereal in minimal ‘no makeup makeup’ paired with undeniably bold lashes. Her look is so fresh, modern and simple. Secondly, Angelina Jolie’s cat-eye/smokey-eye hybrid looks grown-up sultry, a face that suits her persona to a tee. And last but not least, Emma Watson wears a graphic velvety rich lipstick paired with a hazey paired-down smokey eye and tousled yet formal hair, perfectly smouldering.

What were your favourite Oscars 2014 makeup looks?

P.S. Elephant in the room: I’ve been absent for a little while, and I will let you know the low-down in a future post when I’ve got myself together!