micro haul

Target mini haul – beauty bargains

My local Target is having a clear out of some beauty products and I bagged a mini (well, micro!) beauty haul as a result. I got:

  • L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish in 306: Sex on the peach – RRP $6.95AUD Down to $3.83AUD
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish in 618: Santorini Lagoon – RRP $6.95AUD Down to $3.83AUD
  • Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Waterproof Mascara – RRP $19.25AUD Down to $9.83AUD
  • Cosmetica Retractable Lip Brush – RRP Not sure! Down to $4.83
  • Australis Totes Smokin’ Eyeshadow Palette (8 shadows) – RRP Not sure! Down to $4.83 (BARGAIN!)



The bargain bin can be an iffy place to navigate, full of broken or opened cosmetics and an array of seemingly unflattering colour choices, but today I think there were genuinely good buys in the mix… you did have to sort through some of the piles, but overall there were good deals and not too many damaged products polluting the assortment of actual bargains. I say ‘actual’ because I know Australia’s cosmetics and beauty prices are exorbitant in the bricks and mortar stores, compared to what you can find online, but I was happy with a $5 eyeshadow palette and polishes that were nearly half price (and close to the actual U.S. RRP).

Don’t be afraid to dive into the bargain bin, especially in this retail climate – there are some genuine good buys to be had 🙂