national park

The weekend!

The weather has been really good over the last few days, a bit hot for Autumn in my opinion (it feels like an extended summer) but it’s been beautiful and sunny and we’ve been able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. We went to Bunyaville Conservation Park for a walk along one of the trails which was good exercise for all of us and Millie had an awesome time sniffing the path (full of fun smells!). It’s one of the few (or only) National Parks I know of in my area that allows dogs (on-leash) and it was a nice way to relax and exercise at the same time. I love walking, Mark doesn’t so much, but we reach a compromise…sometimes 🙂Image

Post walkies tiredness in the car:Image

I finally caved and played a complicated board game with Mark and a few friends. It’s called ‘City of Horror’ and is a Zombie Apocalypse survival board game. Now, I’m the type of person to consider Monopoly or Upwords to be enough of a board game for me to play and have fun, so games that are more complex are just not my kind of thing. Mark has been bugging me to play a game for so long and I was finally in the mood (kinda). Frankly, I’d rather watch TV or go for a walk, but, like I said earlier, compromise.

City of Horror:


While we were occupied, Millie was occupied too, trying to pry treats out of a cardboard box I’d given her as a game:


She doesn’t eat the cardboard or tape, and gets the treats out pretty quickly. I’m trying to decide where to go next for our walk this afternoon, we might just end up going to our regular park but it’s nice to mix it up.

Until next time!