2013 Beauty Favourites

2013 Beauty Favourites

2013 Beauty Favourites – Looks like it was the year of the neutrals for me 🙂


Collective Haul & Mini Reviews

Here is a collective haul that I’ve acquired over the last few weeks, I wish I could do a massive haul but I’m just not that loaded 😛 I’m pretty picky and I like to watch and read reviews online before I spend my hard earned cash on a product, and most of the time it works out well, but other times I can still buy a product with as much knowledge as possible and be disappointed/hate it. There aren’t products here I *hate* but I’m not 100% happy with my small collective haul, but not for major reasons at least. Here you go!

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Stellar, Solstice and Apocalyptic


I am a complete SUCKER for the packaging! Man it’s funky looking, geometric and has an awesome little feature that allows you to see if the packaging has ever been opened (a clear window which should remain clear if it has been unopened and will fill up with product once opened). So pretty on the outside and these 3 shades are very pretty on the inside too, however, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are the be all and end all of lip products, because, they aren’t. They look like they SHOULD be, and perhaps with a reformulation that includes a longer wear time down the track, these could be a perfect lip product for those going for a lipstick/gloss combo. There are a lot of reviews online that say these are a liquid lipstick more than anything, and I would agree for the most part and add in that they stain quite well, but they do tend to fade from the middle and outwards, so you can be left with that horrid ‘white patch’ of lip if you don’t do touchups. They won’t last that well if you’re drinking or eating (not without reapplication) but they are pretty and I, personally, love them.

BYS Lipliner Pencil in 13 Natural


I purchased this very inexpensive lipliner at a local discount store here in Australia (The Reject Shop) because I have been very curious but a little skeptical about the quality of the products from this brand. There are mixed reviews about the BYS nailpolishes and I see them being sold in the discount department stores quite often, but I feel like if they’re not going to be good quality (I love the Ulta3 polishes; good quality and cheap!) then no matter how little I spend, I’m not going to want to try it. I’ve seen swatches of the eyeshadows online and not been impressed at all (chalky, not pigmented) and why try a crappy cheap product when I can get my mitts on AMAZING cheap products like Wet’n’Wild and Milani offer.

This lipliner, however, seemed less risky to me – I don’t have many problems with my lips, they’re not dry or chapped and when they are it’s not so bad and my ails can be cured with lipbalm. It was inexpensive, at around the $2-$3 mark, and available. It was very much an impulse purchase, but I had wanted to try the brand for a while, so I figured this was a low risk product to sample.

The pencil is quite hard. The color is very pigmented and doesn’t come off chalky, but like I said, the texture is hard, so will require a significant amount of warming up if you’ve got lip chapping problems of the sort. I wore this as a base all over my lips underneath several different nude lipsticks and the liner definitely helped to keep the lipstick to wear longer. I did line my lips with this particular colour and it is a great ‘my lips but better’ colour match for me.

If you happen across this product in your local discount store (Australian peeps), I suggest its worth a try if you’re ok with warming up the product and want an inexpensive but effective lip liner. If, however, you have lip issues, give it a miss and spend a few extra dollars on a softer lip liner.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara


This will be more of a ‘first impressions’ kind of write up about this mascara, because I haven’t had it for very long and have used it only a couple of times in the short time it’s been with me. So far my impression is: meh. It adds a bit of length and separates adequately, but no more or less than any other drugstore mascara I’ve tried. There’s no volume at all, which sucks, but I can see people liking this for the lash lengthening qualities, which will happen after the second or third coat. I find that this actually weighs down my lashes somewhat and will fade and smudge over a short period of time, but a little less than other drugstore mascaras I’ve got in my stash. I have oily eyelids and small, almond shaped hooded eyes, so nothing really lasts on my eyelashes unfortunately. I’m not wowed by this mascara so far because it doesn’t offer anything more than the ones I currently have in rotation. I think I need to give it another couple of weeks to fully form my opinion (solidly).

Rimmel Wake me up foundation in Bronze


So. SPARKLY! Woah. I swatched this on my hand in the store with the intention of walking out into the sunlight and having a look at the colour match and when I did so, all I saw was sparkles! I was very put off by that at first, but the good reviews on youtube were far too seductive, so I bought a bottle in bronze to try for myself. And yes, there is sparkle, but it seems by some magic that despite this, your face doesn’t look like the glitter ball I expected it to look like (do hands reflect more sparkle or something??) and was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. It has light to medium coverage on my blemished skin, but can be built up quite nicely and doesn’t require a butt-tonne of product to do so. It feels very light on the skin and has a pleasant faintly floral scent. Blends easily with a brush and or fingers, so it depends on personal preference as to how you want to apply this. Personally, it depends on how lazy I am, but will do well both ways. The colour matched pretty well too, which is an achievement for me as drugstore foundations usually lean far too pink on my yellow-based skin tone. Winning!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Electric Blue and Inked in Pink 


These have finally made their way over to our sunny shores, and the hype is worth it. I wanted to get my greedy little paws on ‘Barely Branded’ but every store I seeked them from was completely sold out *Hmpf* Nevermind, I’ll acquire that shade eventually. These two are really nice, metallic as the name suggests but not overly shimmery and great to use as a base for a similar toned shadow. They do look nice on their own and swatch solidly, although inked in pink looks a bit cray on me by itself, so I use it as a base for a warmer, pinky/orangey shadow, and that works splendidly. I loved the original color tattoos and these are no exception. I can’t wait to get my hands on Barely Branded when they’re restocked.

Revlon Nail Art in Moon Candy


I saw these at half price at a local discount drugstore and have always been intrigued by the lovely colours and holographic/shiny/glitteriness that they promise. Simply whack on a fairly plain looking base coat colour and the shiny magical unicorn pink glitter stuff on the top and it promises to look completely galactical. And to a point, Revlon did it right, the base colour applies nice and smooth and solid in a couple of coats. The glittery topcoat however, is less magical, and the one I picked up was fairly runny and took around 4 coats to get any sort of nice shiny action going on. I had to make sure my nails dried fully before finally applying a topcoat, which took forever since there were so many coats of goop on my nails. Eventually, they dried and I applied a topcoat and I was pretty wowed. My nails were so glamorous looking and glittery and edgy like I see in so many people’s instagram photos. Pity that the delight and prettiness only lasted a night, as the next day they chipped like no other. Sigh. This may be a love affair for some, but for me, it was a short one.

So there you have it! Hope it helped somewhat and I look forward to reading about all your recent hauls and adventures!

Til next time x

Face of the day

Face of the day

On the face: Illamasqua skin base foundation in shade 12, mac pro longwear concealer in NW35 under the eyes to counteract dark circles, then topped with nars radiant creamy concealer in ginger, blended well, same concealer over marks and blemishes on the face, frat boy blush by the balm and Mary-Lou manizer as highlight on the cheeks.

On the lips: a mix of milly and vanilly lip/cheek cremes by the balm (from the balm’s rockstar palette).

On the eyes: too faced shadow insurance as an eye primer, maybelline gel liner in aubergine as a coloured base all over the lid, Australis paparazzi perfect eyeshadows in pink and purple as shadow over the top, rimmel scandaleyes liner in bronze as liner on top and bottom lash lines, lashes curled with shu uemura eyelash curler then maybelline the falsies on the lashes (3 coats) top and bottom.

On the brows: Maybelline master shape brow pencil in deep brown then brushed through with a spoolie.