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What Marceline Would Wear (Beauty)

What Marceline Would Wear (Beauty)
What Marceline would wear! (Adventure Time)

Lady Gaga in Applause – Barefaced and Glossy Eyes


So I was recently watching Lady Gaga’s film clip to her new single ‘Applause’, and I naturally noticed her  many makeup looks, most of them bright and unwearable day to day (except for Gaga of course) but the one that stood out to me the most was her beautiful barefaced glossy eyelid look as depicted by the screenshot above.

I was thinking, “Man, I’ve seen that look before, but where?”, and then it dawned on me that it is a stripped down version of Charlotte Tilbury’s A/W13 Makeup for Tom Ford, where the models wore beautiful chocolate and neutral glossy eye looks on the runway. She shows us how to achieve this look here:

Lady Gaga’s skin is more dewy and the eyes are stripped down more than Charlotte’s look, but it uses essentially the same elements that make this look memorable.

The glossy eyes are achieved using Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, a combination of lip lacquers or simple vaseline, depending on what you want to use (says Charlotte). She warns that this look isn’t really achievable as an every day look due to the risk of the product bleeding, but I think if you wanted to do some nice photography with a stand out eye, this would be a look to try.

I think it’s funny that after all of Lady Gaga’s theatrics and bold makeup and fashion looks, that this is the one that’s most memorable for me! What celebrity makeup looks have you found most memorable or left the biggest impression on you?