Tiny Haul and TMI Tuesday

Yesterday, I picked through Target’s clearance section and it had a nice few gems littered throughout it. Target Australia sometimes has good makeup items on sale, but the incidence of that is few and far between (compared to American Target anyway). No matter, I still found a few items that I will enjoy trying. I have already popped open the Colorsenstational lipgloss and I’m surprised this doesn’t get more love online. It has a nice smooth texture and applies cleanly without feeling sticky at all. They didn’t have any variety of colours in the clearance section, only Coral, which is ultra orange BUT, is fairly sheer, so you can use it as a top coat for other colours.


Beauty Attitude Summer Sorbet 5 Piece Nail Polish Pack, Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Tropical Fusion, Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Coral and Covergirl Intense Shadowblast primer + rich shadow in brown bling.

I’m pretty happy with this tiny haul, I’m trying to keep my makeup collection fairly contained and not excessive in products because firstly, I’m not a squillionaire, and secondly, I’m a slight hoarder and would have a very unruly collection! My fiance is already pretty unhappy with my hoard, not so much the hoard itself, but the fact that its cluttered everywhere around the house, so I don’t want to add to that. I think since mid 2013 I’ve been able to resist the big crazes and new makeup palettes and have a more mature sense of what I want versus what I need. It’s very tempting to succumb to every new and shiny thing, but with a wedding to plan (and importantly, a honeymoon!) and save for, and general house expenses piling up, it’s easy for me to prioritise. I always let myself have a little something though, if I find it (reasonably) on sale 🙂

And for the TMI… we have such lovely weather in Australia and we’re blessed to have a little deck attached to our townhouse, so I get to use the laptop outside and enjoy the comforts of the indoors and outdoors at once. We have a fair bit of privacy too as all the houses/units around me back onto each other so everyones backyards are adjacent, and while there are some properties with windows facing our deck, they’re not ones that loom over the top of it. We do however, have a unit block right next door which is generally blocked by a nice sized tree, which means we can’t see those neighbours and they can’t see into our yard, deck or house… but we CAN hear them. One day a few weeks ago I was blogging and I heard yelping noises. I thought some lady was in need of help (it was female yelping), and it didn’t sound like a dog, but then a few moments of continual ‘yelping’ and I realised it wasn’t yelping at all. I cringed and realised my neighbours were VERY LOUDLY doing it. The ‘yelping’ didn’t last long and then there was silence. And a few minutes later the hum of normal conversation started, which I couldn’t hear the details of, but I’m assuming, was post-coital. Oh the perils of blogging outdoors! 😛

Til next time x