I’m back… kinda?

A very brief note to say hello and reassure anyone who’s still stuck with me, that I’m not dead, that I’m still playing with makeup and beauty and that Millie is still playing and running around making our lives all the more joyful. Since I last blogged, we added a gorgeous rescue cat named Hunter to our little pack, so I’ve been living with my fiance, my dog Millie and our beautiful kitty Hunter, for a little while now. I can’t remember if I mentioned him previously or if I had stopped blogging before that. Anyway, life has been very tumultuous this year and I needed to take a bit of a break and assess what I was doing with my time. That meant time away from the blog and a bit of a break from being so absorbed in all things beauty. I have been spending time trying to get in shape which has both succeeded and failed (to be discussed in a future post) and there have been medical issues standing stubbornly in my way of progressing forward in life. My fiance and I have discovered a love of ice skating (well, I kinda had to push him into it) and have been spending a lot of time doing that too. One day we’d like to play amateur hockey, but we’re not quite there yet, so we’ll chip away at the curriculum every time we get a chance to get to a rink.

I recently celebrated a birthday without much of a bang because I was too busy worrying about other things, but I did get some cake (yay) and a bunch of beautiful flowers which Hunter then proceeded to try to eat (they are not lillies, I know lillies are toxic to cats). Hunter has a thing for flowers, even though I give him grass to help with his digestion, it’s not enough. He reminds me of Homer in a Simpsons episode where Bart is musing about Homer’s mysterious trips to Holland (Homer had a flower eating addiction) and I am reminded to watch some episodes again.

I’ll probably be more active on my blog for a short period of time from now and through the rest of the year because I’ll be bedridden for a bit, so I’ll have time to talk about beauty and makeup again. I’ll elaborate in an upcoming post, introducing a new blog that will be an extension to this one (not a replacement). So, I hope you’ve all been well and travelling through the year as smoothly as possible. Til next post!


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